What is it?

Brewcoat™ is an insulating add-on made for most of the gooseneck kettles and brewing devices available. 

It is made from an in-house fabric fusing system, with polyester felt outside and polar fleece inside.

How much temperature advantage does it bring?

According to our tests, a Brewcoat insulated Hario V60 dripper is up to 3°C warmer than a non-insulated dripper on a 20:300 gr. brew.

The temperature difference is even more impressive for kettles. 

An insulated kettle looses 4°C less heat than a bare kettle through a 3½ minute brewing session.

Bonavita VT Kettle Cooling Down Test

Handcrafted with ultimate care.

The composite fabric we use for Brewcoat is made in-house, from many layers of different fabrics. The result is a polar fleece inside and a felt outside.

The fabrics are laser-cut with zero tolerance to ensure perfect fit to every device.

Protects the precious.

Modern kettles and brewing devices are fragile. You can easily have a scratch on your beautiful gooseneck, or you can put a dent on your dripper with a cupping spoon.

With Brewcoat, your devices will be safer. You can even make those old scratches on your kettle invisible with a beautiful Brewcoat on it.


Customize your brew.

There are virtually endless customization options for a Brewcoat. Although we have some colors always in stock, you can always drop a line for a custom different color, a laser engraving or an embroidery on your Brewcoat.