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  • Brewcoat™ for Aeropress™

     9,99 12,99
    This Brewcoat™ is intended to keep coffee-water mix inside your Aeropress™ as warm as possible, as you wait for the immersion, or press. Brewcoat™ is not only keeping your slurry the temperature you want it to be at, it also lets you hold your aeropress with your bare hands as you press, making it easier to press on unstabilized terrain. This Brewcoat™ is made from a fabric composite, made of 3 mm thick polyester felt and polyester polar, using an in-house technique. Machine washable up to 40 °C with mild detergents. Hand sewn in Istanbul.
  • Brewcoat for Hario V60

     10,99 14,99
    This Brewcoat covers your V60, helping to keep temperature stabilised within your brewing chamber. With Brewcoat on it, your brewing chamber keeps up to 4°C warmer, resulting in better, more even extraction¹.